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Small Businesses
Does your work environment suit you?
I serve small businesses who have moved, grown or downsized and need cubicles or offices cleared,emptied or re-allocated. I establish clean record keeping, eliminate excess paper, transfer hardcopies into digital data and create an efficent filing system. Provide Administrative training and aid in the over all process of your business organizational and administrative needs. 
Home Office
Are you comfortable in your home office?

You can’t afford to lose important files and contracts or even your to-do list. After we complete an assessment, we de-clutter your desktop, floor and piles of current files. Next, we design a paper and digital file management system that allows you to easily locate and retrieve documents when they’re needed. If you have drawers full of paper that require scanning, don’t worry! I am ready to check this off your to do list.

Filing Systems/Paper Management 
Is paperwork overwhelming you?

Are you losing too much time searching through the clutter on your desk or in your computer for files that you need? And when you're under pressure, can you retrieve information quickly and easily? For any system to be useful and effective, it must also be convenient for you. This depends on the nature of your current filing/paper system and the work that you do. So, although there's no "one size fits all" solution to file management, we will work together in customizing a filing system that best serves your own needs.


Estate Organizing


Time for a change?

Often times families who have passed on, or are moving on after years in one home, have a lot on their plates, and managing the clearance of an estate can be a daunting prospect. I will work directly with the assigned executor or trustee to complete the hands on task of sorting, cataloging, and spiffing in preparation for the next steps. Transition often carries a great deal of emotion, count on me to take on the task of moving things ahead.


I also include Custom Made Services

Designed especially for your needs



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